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About MaltaUncovered - EdwardHi there, thanks for visiting MaltaUncovered.com! I’m a tourist-turned-expat who’s been living in Malta for over a decade. I’m a born and raised Dutchman with Maltese roots, who always had a close connection with Malta.

I’ve loved Malta ever since I was a kid and still do. No country is without flaw, but the uniqueness of Malta always fascinated me and outweighed the negatives. Which is what brought me to create MaltaUncovered.com.

Why MaltaUncovered.com?

My mission is to reach curious travellers around the world and introduce them to Malta. Not the commercial version of Malta, but the side of Malta that isn’t talked about much online: A unique blend of culture, history and a warm hospitality that’s hard to find elsewhere.

I started out with a small site (GuideToMalta.net) where I’d collect info and recommendations I’d give friends and relatives who were looking to pay Malta a visit. It turned out my collection of tidbits actually attracted a bit of an audience and MaltaUncovered.com was born.

How is MaltaUncovered.com different?

With some quick Googling, you’ll find that a lot of info out there:

  1. Is standard, factual blurb that doesn’t do Malta justice
  2. Provides little or no personal experience, let alone honest reviews of what’s worthwhile doing/seeing and what isn’t
  3. Focuses on “sun and sea” when there’s so much more to Malta that’s worth experiencing for yourself.

I was determined that I could do better, so here it is: My travel and holidays guide to Malta.

What this site is all about:

  • Answering travellers’ questions
  • Personal recommendations
  • Insider knowledge – “Stuff only the locals know”

I hope my site proves to be useful to you in getting the most out of your travels to Malta!



Do you have any feedback for me?

I like to hear from my readers, be it a comment or a quick message through my Contact page. Get in touch and let me know what you think of my site, or what your experience in Malta was.

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What you should know when browsing around on MaltaUncovered.com

  • I run this site voluntarily. I’m not affiliated with any commercial or government entity.
  • I don’t earn a living off of it and I’m not out to earn a quick buck off my readers. Adverts and links to trusted companies are displayed here and there to help support the cost of hosting, improving/growing and maintaining my site.
  • My opinions are my own and are not for sale.
  • I respect my readers’ privacy. I do not sell email addresses or other personal information collected on my site to third parties. Ever.
  • My site uses cookies and data tracking, but only to help improve the site and information provided.

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